B-1B Lancer v2.1 for Prepar 3D v4.5

The Rockwell B-1B "Lancer", affectionately known as the "Bone" to its crews, is a key element of the American Strategic Long Range bomber fleet. A development of the cancelled B-1A, the aircraft - while not technically stealth capable - still presents a fraction of the radar profile of the B-52 and incorporates extremely advanced navigation, weapons, and avionics systems. Its swing wing technology, combined with four 30,000-lb thrust turbofan engines creates a beautiful, fast, and lethal package. The development of this successor to the B-52 began in the early 1960's and resulted in a contract being awarded to Rockwell in 1970. The B-1A first flew in 1974 but soon ran into political trouble. The project was cancelled in 1977 when only 3 prototypes existed, however 1981 saw Ronald Reagan order a fleet of 100 B-1Bs, the last of which were delivered in the early 1990's. Designed for low-level, high speed penetration, the B-1B saw action in the Kosovo conflict and second Gulf War.

Features -

- 4 models spanning the years and 8 faithful paint-schemes:

28th BMS(H), 384th BMW(H), McConnell AFB
46th BMS(H), 319th BMW(H), Grand Forks AFB
37th BMS(H), 28th BMW(H), Ellsworth AFB
128th BS, 116th BW, Robins AFB
34th BS, 366th BW, Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
77th BS, 28th BW, Ellsworth AFB
37th BS, 28th BW, Thumrait AB (Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota)
9th BS, 7th BW, Bagram AB (Dyess AFB, Texas)

- native P3Dv4.5 model
- shootable/droppable weapons system (weapons in P3D Proessional Plus ONLY)
- animated rotary launchers
- cockpit optimised for VR
- authentic virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
- many custom interior and exterior animations, eg automatic wingsweep on loadup
- opening bomb bays with various era-specific payloads
- animated afterburner cans with realistic flame effects
- high quality cockpit night lighting
- high-fidelity sounds set from Turbine Sound Studios
- custom afterburner rumble sound
- many simulated cockpit systems, including the VSD
- engine failure and fire modelling
- researched and authnetic flight dynamics
- note - no 2D panel provided
- 48-page illustrated User Manual in .pdf format
- 496MB disk space required

Screenshots of the ALCM (cruise missiles) system :

B-1Bv2   B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2   B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2  

Screenshots of the Mk82 Snakeye system :

B-1Bv2   B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2   B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2  

Screenshots of the GBU-32 JDAM system :

B-1Bv2   B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2   B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2

Screenshots of the improved cockpit night lighting and the P3D countermeasures in action :

B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2  B-1Bv2