Avro Lincoln B.Mk.II for FSX

The Avro Lincoln was a long-range, high altitude version of the successful Avro Lancaster four-engined bomber. The first RAF Lincoln B Mk I flew on 9 June 1944, and operational squadrons were preparing to join Tiger force in the war against Japan, when World War II ended. Although the Lincoln did not take part in World War II, one Lincoln (RF345) was shot down by Russian MIG-15 jet fighters while on a training flight near East Germany in 1957. RAF Lincolns also operated against the terrorists in Malaya and the Mau-Mau in Kenya. Lincolns were phased out of service in the late 1950s, and were the last piston-engined bombers of the RAF.

Inspect the illustrated User Manual for this product : Virtavia Avro Lincoln User Manual.

Features :

- very high quality native FSX models.
- Several 2048-pixel liveries, including:

B.Mk.II RAF Bomber Command (various)
Mk.30 RAAF

- accurate virtual cockpit with authentic gauges, controls and custom animations.
- animated bomb bays, crew doors/windows, crew figures.
- togglable bombs.
- custom engine start-up smoke effect.
- togglable realistic crew figures with period flight gear.
- animated, featherable propeller blades.
- illustrated user manual in PDF format (coming soon).
- Merlin engine soundset.
- PhotoShop paintkit files provided.
- Note - NO 2D panel is provided.

Avro Lincoln Exterior Model Screenshots

Lincoln_01 Lincoln_02 Lincoln_03 Lincoln_04 Lincoln_05 Lincoln_06 Lincoln_07 Lincoln_08 Lincoln_09 Lincoln_10 Lincoln_11 Lincoln_12 Lincoln_13 Lincoln_14 Lincoln_15 Lincoln_16

Avro Lincoln Cockpit Model Screenshots

Lincoln_VC1 Lincoln_VC2 Lincoln_VC3 Lincoln_VC4 Lincoln_VC5 Lincoln_VC6 Lincoln_VC7 Lincoln_VC8 Lincoln_VC9 Lincoln_VC10